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The Secret to Disc Golf

Try less

You want to throw farther and sink more putts? Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to throw farther and work on your mechanics and then relax. Stop trying to make 50 ft putts and get good at 10ft ones. Stop trying to make every putt and just give it a chance.

Thats it. Thats my rant.

Also, you want to do better in life?
Try less…. Lol

Negotiating a pay raise. Care less about the pay raise and care more about doing your job well.

Here’s a cool article I found on describing this concept. They call it the 85% rule. Hugh Jackman talks about it on his most recent interview with Tim Ferriss.
This article does a good job explaining it https://medium.com/swlh/85-percent-rule-a4a9c80b96bf