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As I was doing research for what the best putter is, I posted a question in my local disc golf course group chat and got 55 responses from people telling me what they putt with. 

Innova’s Aviar and their different variations like the KC Pro and the XT were the most popular followed up by Discmania’s p2s. 

The p2s are basically remakes of Innova’s Aviar so I would have to say the most popular putter out there has to be the Aviar. Now is it the best putter? Idk if that question can really be answered. I mean, if I shoot 10, 40 ft birdies with an Aviar and then sink 15 birdies with a wizard is it the discs? or me? or a combo of both? plus some shit I can’t explain? Who knows.

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11 Responses

  1. I have used a variety of putters. I was using the 2018 run P-line P2 for a while, but the new ones are a little beefier and more stable than the old ones. I recently switched to using the Dynamic Classic Blend Judge and it seems to be the putter that works the best. Less stable than the P2 and has a little more glide, so can get some more loft on the putt and have better accuracy from farther out.

    1. Thanks for the details! I’m putting with KC Aviars right now and I often think about going back to the regular Aviar because it’s less stable and I can get it to glide nice, far, and accurately a lot easier than I can with my KC.

  2. I putt with Kastaplast K3 Rekos, have for over two years now. I love the low profile and K3 plastic grabs chains so well. I’ve always been a max weight putter person but these are better in 172-173g I’ve found!

  3. I use Classic Wardens. Again, similar to Aviars, I love the feel in the hand and the straight glide ability allows me to line up straight at the basket regardless of distance. Never been more confident on the putting greens than with Wardens!

  4. The Aviar Putt & Approach – I have used this disc for putting for 15 years now. Avery Jenkins said it was the best putter on the planet back on 2005 and I believed him. Ha!

  5. Currently putting with Latitude 64 Gauntlets. I switched from KC Pro Aviars about a year and a half ago to XT Big Bead Aviars because of the grippiness of the plastic. I also like stable putters for their ability to go straight off a drive. Unfortunately, the XT plastic felt somewhat flimsy and a friend recommended the Gauntlet to me. I rock the Zero Hard plastic because it has that stiff feel and the big bead like KCs, giving me confidence to punch it on a windy day, but without the slick feel of the KC plastic. The grip of the Zero Hard plastic is consistent when wet, dry, dirty or clean, ensuring the same smooth throw every time. #71448

    1. Dang brotha! I appreciate the detail. I think the only thing i don’t like about my kc pro’s are the slick plastic.

  6. I’m currently swapping putters… testing out the discraft Paige Pierce and Luna’s.

    Always have put discraft in the past, grew up with challengers

    1. Damian!!! miss ya bruh. can’t wait until HB opens again and we can drink a beer and play around without worrying about the rona!

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