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Best Disc Golf Putter

best disc golf putter

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How do you define the best disc golf putter? Is it the putter that won the most championships? Is it the putter your buddies talk about being the best? Is it the putter you use? 

The truth is, there isn’t a right answer. It all depends on what the best disc golf putter is for you. Everyone has a different hand shape and size, everyone throws a little differently, everyone plays in different conditions. 

How Do I Choose a disc golf putter

You gotta try them all. Think Pokemon except with discs. You gotta try them all and see which one you like the most. It’s simple as that. Once you find something you like, buy a couple so you can practice. 

What putting style should I use?

Deciding what putting style to use is, once again, totally dependent on you. When you first start you will go through many different putting styles until you find the one that you like. 

Your putting style and the shots you’ll be taking can help you determine the best disc golf putter for you

For example, if you know you play in a windy area, then you will want to work on spin putting with a max weight, stable disc because the wind will affect your shots less than if you pushed putt. 

Another example where you’ll want to spin putt is if you play a course that has a lot of low ceiling shots that require you to keep the disc low. 

Another example is, if your style is more adapted to push putting, you’ll want to get a stiffer plastic to keep it more consistent with your push and flight. 

There are two main styles of putting, push putting, and spin putting. The best players use both depending on the shot and conditions. Some players even combine the two styles into a push spin putt. Knowing the difference will help you decide on which style you should use. 

Push Putting

Push putting is where you loft the disc towards the basket keeping your arm straight and extending the fingers. It’s more consistent than push putting because you minimize the moving parts to just the arm and fingers in one direction. 

When push putting you want a stiffer plastic because of the consistency it provides in your grip and flight path. A softer plastic will change depending on how hard you grip it and the weather conditions outside.

Best discs for push putting

Stiffer plastic works better than softer plastic because it will stay more consistent with your grip and weather conditions. A soft disc will bend and be more affected by temperature and the pressure of your grip, whereas a stiffer plastic will be more consistent no matter how hard you grip or how hot/cold it is. 

Pros and cons

Pros of push putting

  • Tends to be more consistent because there are less moving parts
  • Easier to learn for average players

This video does a great job explaining the push putt and how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZjEiznZfYY&feature=emb_rel_pause

Cons of push putting

  • Poor performance in windy conditions
  • Becomes much harder outside of 30 ft

Best push putt discs

You typically want a hard stiff plastic for push puts. Some good discs for push puts are:

Spin putting

Spin putting is where you spin the disc directly at the basket. You’ll know it’s a spin putt if you bend your elbow, wrist, and flick your fingers out. 

What kind of disc to use with spin putting

Typically you’ll want a softer, tackier plastic that allows you to get more spin on the disc. Hard, stiff plastics tend to be more slippery especially in colder conditions, making it hard to get good spin on it for your putts. 

Pros and cons

Pros of spin putting

  • Performs well in windy conditions
  • Good if you have a low ceiling and can’t push putt

Cons of spin putting

  • Less consistent than push putting because there are more moving parts (wrist, elbow, and fingers move)

Best spin putting discs

You can spin putt any disc and it’s really up to you but typically I see people spin putt with softer, tackier plastic. The idea behind going with a softer, tackier plastic is that you can get more spin with them allowing you to get more distance with your putts. 

Good spin putting discs are:

What putter does Paul McBeth use? 

He uses the Discraft Luna which is his signature disc. It’s made out of a blend of plastic and rubber and Paul has said it’s kinda like a Discraft Roach. 

Best Driving Putters For Disc Golf

Innova Aviar 3

Discraft Roach

When driving a putter you want something that will be able to handle the torque. Overstable discs like the Innova Aviar 3 and Discraft Roach are great for driving because they can handle a lot of snap without turning over.