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What's the best Destroyer?

Look, to be completely honest, I don’t know. I’ve thrown the Paul McBeth 4x Star Destroyer and loved it right up until I lost it in a lake. I not only lost that disc twice in a lake but it was the same lake. Anyway, It was a sick disc that beat in just perfect to become the furthest flying Star Destroyer in my bag by far.

Here’s my best attempt at describing the different types of Innova Destroyers I’ve thrown.

Understamp (Bottom Stamp) Destroyers

Under stamp Innova Star Destroyers are also sweet. They tend to be over stable and maintain their stability really well. I also just love the way they look and feel. 

I once lost a brand new under stamp Destroyer at David L Baker and I vowed to never throw a new disc on that hole again. The very next week, with a brand new Under stamp Destroyer I throw the same hole. And I threw it straight into the lake.

Ricky Wysocki Destroyer

Recently bought the new Ricky Wysocki Destroyer and man that thing went so far. Very stable and actually came in a bit heavier than 175 g. I loved this disc and I let my buddy borrow it and yanno how that goes… he still has it, one million years later. 

Champ Destroyer


The good old fashion Innova Champ Destroyer was my first ace disc. I skipped it in on hole 18 in Huntington Beach, CA on a tourney day with a $500 ace pool. I didn’t get the ace money because I hit it after the tournament, after I played 18 holes trying to ace for the $500 ace pool I hit it goofing around with my buddy. Champ Destroyers beat in just a little but that’s it. Don’t expect it to get flippy on you, this thing is stable AF.

Star Destroyer

A good Innova Star Destroyer will last you forever and beat in perfectly. Brand new it’s they tend to be stable but as you break it in, it will start to flip up real nice.

Champ Destroyer Vs Star Destroyer

Champion Destroyers are more high speed stable and tend to stay like that where a Star Destroyer will wear in more over time becoming less stable.